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Some of the Best Movie Posters and Taglines Ever

1 Nov

Movie posters are a unique type of art but it’s important to remember that they are advertisements primarily. The goal of a poster is to sell the movie—to make you want to see it. It includes the title in a bold font, images of the actors and scenes from the movie. Style, layout, colors, and fonts are essential is accurately reflecting the tone of the film. And the poster probably includes a catchy sentence that grabs your interest—the tagline.

Imagine trying to sell yourself in just one sentence. It’s tricky. This is the challenge that movie marketers face every day. It’s not at all easy to come up with a tagline that will stick with us and accurately reflect the film.

This post will look at some of the movies with the best taglines ever and their respective posters. Enjoy!


Alien “In space no one can hear you scream.”

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The Sick, Twisted, Disgusting, and Terrifying: Modern Horror Movie Posters

26 Oct

Horror movie posters serve a very similar purpose to movie trailers. They advertise the movie and provide a preview. They use the same tactic as well; they generate fear but they still leave a lot to the imagination.

With horror movies posters, poster designers make use of the movie’s most frightening images of the movies’s antagonist and they feature ghastly, often disgustingly graphic shots, of the afflicted protagonists to come up with spine chilling designs.

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What Makes a Great Movie Poster

10 Oct

Big movies are a huge business. With so much riding on a film’s success, there are big marketing opportunities for creative designers. Whether a small movie or a blockbuster, there isn’t a film that doesn’t benefit from some good advertising.

During the beginnings of cinema movie posters were displayed in theaters only. They served the same purpose as the menu at a restaurant. What flick can I enjoy today?

Today, posters not only advertise but play a big part in a movie’s memorabilia collection. The informative tone, in many cases, has been overshadowed by the terrific imagery and artistry.

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve started this blog and I feel like I’ve looked at enough posters to compile a list of the elements that make a good movie poster.

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The Creative Process: The Thing Movie Poster

6 Oct

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” brought us one of the most iconic movie posters of all time. The poster not only has a great design but it has a super cool story behind it.

In 1982 artist Drew Struzan received a phone call from Universal Studios. They are remaking The Thing and they need poster art…by tomorrow. The publicity department didn’t have any photos to use as reference or even any concept art.

According to an interview with, Struzan got an immediate concept and went to work.

“It was a very odd experience,” Struzan told “I got an immediate concept, which is not unusual for me. I dressed up in a winter snow outfit and my wife took a Polaroid of me.” Continue reading

The Evolution of Godzilla Movie Posters: From 1954 to 2014

26 Sep

If you haven’t heard there is a new Godzilla movie coming out in 2014! After nearly thirty remakes of Ishirô Honda’s original “Godzilla” in 1954, director Gareth Edwards will put his own twist on the worldwide franchise.

From 1954 through 2004, there have been twenty-eight Godzilla films produced by Toho Studios in Japan. The first was adapted into “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!” in the United States. TriStar Pictures produced a wholly American film in 1998.

“Godzilla,” produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, hits theaters and IMAX on May 16, 2014, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston and Sally Hawkins. Continue reading

The Movie Posters of Fall 2013

21 Sep

Between now and Thanksgiving, a rush of potential Academy Award winning films can be expected to overflow the theaters. The end of summer brought us three impactful films with “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,”  ”Fruitvale Station” and “Blue Jasmine,” all front-runners for the 86th Academy Awards according to IMDB’s likely contenders list.  There is also, of course, a long list of winter movies with a high level of buzz. This is the usual as the studios always back-load the Oscar-worthy films so they are fresh in the Academy member’s minds. For now, I’ll stick to the movies coming out between now and November and, of course, their posters. Continue reading