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Hi everyone! I’m Meg and this is AllThingsMoviePosters, your guide to the art of film advertising.

A bit about the blogger

I’m a junior at Hood College majoring in Communication Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. I have a passion for graphic design, videography, web design, and journalism. I’m also interested in marketing and advertising and love social media. Here, I will be able to combine many of these passions and share with you my take on movie posters. I’m also the Web Editor of my college newspaper, The Blue and Grey, and I work as the Website Assistant alongside the Website Manager in my college’s marketing department.

A bit about the blog

I want this blog to be a chance for not only my opinion to be expressed but also give you, my audience,  a chance to tell me what you think. I love comments and you can expect to see lots of polls! The blog will focus on movie posters as they relate to good advertising and graphic design. I’ll mention how well I think they’ve represented the movie and I also hope this blog will help me understand what encourages people see a movie and how valuable of a tool posters really are as well as track design trends. I want to explore iconic posters, vintage posters, posters for current movies, and also new alternative and minimalist redesigns.

Thanks for the click!

Also find ATMP on Instagram @allthingsmovieposters or by clicking the photo at the bottom of this page for your daily dose of posters.


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