Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: Jaws

19 Nov

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! For this week’s Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday I wanted to check out some Jaws posters. There are tons of poster redesigns for this film so for this post I went with some of the more interesting unconventional designs.

By Mr Whaite

jawsbgThe first GIF poster I have featured! The design is clean and visually interesting with the neon lettering and image. The flow of each image to the next is well done and the flashing letters create the feeling of danger and urgency. The design on it’s own is quite simple but the movement makes it super cool. 

By JC Richard

Jaws2 This poster has interesting dimensions and is very artistic. The colors are beautiful. If you’ve seen the movie this scene is very recognizable and if you haven’t you wouldn’t have any clue what the poster was for. That’s one of the things I like about this design.

By Hopko Designs


This poster is very different from the previous design. The dimensions are opposite and this design provides a lot of information about the film. It features the three main actors and the shark and ship image and includes the title and director. The design is divided into three sections both horizontally and vertically. The bottom two levels work together and the under the ocean portion provides a place for the text. The design is busy but the black bordering helps our eye move through the poster.

Comment and let me hear what you think of these designs or suggest a movie that you would like to be picked for the next “Alternative Poster Tuesday.”


2 Responses to “Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: Jaws”

  1. tardis505 December 13, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    wow that is really cool its like a light show. i love how the jaws pop out and in.

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