A Designer’s View: Moon

19 Nov
MoonMoon has one of the most recognizable movie posters of all time. It’s simple and strong and it avoids typical moon cliches. It effectively captures the mood of the film in this very eye-catching design. All City Media designed the poster for the movie which debuted in 2009.According to the agency’s official notes on the poster:

“The main themes from the film are loneliness, isolation, madness and rebirth. We created an image that explored these themes and stylistically took influences from sixties and seventies sci-fi.”

A Designer’s View:

Kit Peterancz, Senior Graphic Designer, on “Moon

“They did a really good job getting across the feel of the movie. Basically he is a lone worker with only the Moon bases’ AI computer to keep him company. There is a whole lot more to the movie but basically he is extremely lonely and thinks he is going insane.

The poster makes you sympathize with him and makes you feel lonely too. He looks so sad on the cover and the jet black gives it an oppressive feel. Then you have him standing on what visually feels like the moon. But it is an optical illusion too and when you scroll up and down on the screen or walked by the poster the circles look like they are moving producing a moire effect making you feel a bit uncomfortable and crazy too. Also I feel like the layout is a hat tip at Saul Bass’ Vertigo movie poster which deals with some insanity issues itself.”



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