Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: Carrie

5 Nov

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! For this week’s Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday I wanted to look at Carrie. Yes, I know it’s not Halloween anymore but this one is at least current. This film is definitely on my to-see list and I found some awesome poster redesigns.

By Linda Hordijk

Carrie alternative 1One cool thing to look at with these posters is how blood is used and styled in each design. This one uses it splattered in the background. It shows Carrie in her prom dress and her hand is very expressive. Clearly she’s angry. This poster also includes the movie’s tagline. It’s very well balanced with the text on the left and the art on the right. I like the textured background as well. 



By Heads of State

Carrie alternative 2

This poster shows blood dripping off a disco ball. The font is a bold choice and the images used are very representative of a classic prom. The texture in the poster is really great too. The light on the disco ball including the blood covered portion is really well done. The rays of light from the disco ball are also a really nice detail.





By PhrameDesign

Carrie alternative 3

This design uses drops of blood and uses the same three colors as the second design. I like how this design is centered and very symmetrical except for the textures which provides a nice balance of uniformity and progression.


Comment and let me hear what you think of these designs or suggest a movie that you would like to be picked for the next “Alternative Poster Tuesday.”


2 Responses to “Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: Carrie”

  1. tardis505 December 13, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    that’s creepy but very cool. i like how it is kind of in a cartoon form.

    • meggie3675 December 20, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

      Yeah, it’s a really cool style!

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