Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: The Shining

22 Oct

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! Just 8 more days until Halloween! For this week’s Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday I wanted to check out “The Shining.” The original poster designs are iconic and I found some really incredible redesigns as well.

There were a lot of designs to choose from and if you like these I suggest you check out the rest of the alternative movie posters. There’s a really great variety of styles and approaches. Here’s just three.

The Shining Movie Poster Alternative Design 2

By Abbash Mushtaq

I enjoy a lot of aspects of this design. The color choice is great and the contrast with the ripped paper look is really cool. The text is still legible and this idea makes the poster super eye-catching. I also like the choice of stills showing Jack at his craziest. It also uses a similar font as the original poster and has a similar look as the black and yellow original design



By Lion Dsgn

The Shining Movie Poster Alternative Design 3

I really love the incorporation of the carpet design in this poster and the next one. When I think of the movie this is one of the images that comes to mind. It was brilliant to connect it to the maze scene. The darkness and the snow here give the poster a very eerie feel. The text is a bit harder to read but we all know what it says and I like the choice to keep the focus on the imagery.




By Colin Newman

The Shining Movie Poster Alternative Design

This design uses a lot of basic elements but puts them together in such a cool way. The words forming the walls of the hallway is really neat. The textured background and the white border works really well too.


Comment and let me hear what you think of these designs or suggest a movie that you would like to be picked for the next “Alternative Poster Tuesday.” Just one more Tuesday before Halloween!


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