Alternative Movie Poster Tuesday: Night of the Living Dead

14 Oct

Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone had a great start to their week. I’m sure you all are getting excited about Halloween! I know I am so this week I wanted to look at some “Night of the Living Dead” alternative poster designs.

The original “Night of the Living Dead” was released in 1968. The movie poster featured a mash-up of scenes from the movie and the tagline, “They wont stay dead!”…

“They keep coming back in a bloodthirsty lust for HUMAN FLESH!…Pits the dead against the living in a struggle for survival!”

Now lets check out some alternative designs.

By Robert Wilson

Night of the Living Dead altI love the comic-book sort of style to this poster. I also appreciate that they kept the original font for the title. It’s all gray scale which adds to the classic feel. Even though the design dosen’t feature the tagline from the original movie, you get that clear sense of conflict and the idea of the dead versus the living with the half depictions of a man and a  zombie.




By Mark Welser

Night of the Living Dead alt 2I love the use of texture here. The solid purple arms and the rough white create a really nice contrast. This poster also uses the original style of the title in addition to using the original tagline and text. I like the placement of the tagline and the design is well balanced. My favorite part about this poster is the folded paper effect the artist created. It adds a really nice touch that compliments the whole concept.




By Jason Kauzlarich

Night of the Living Dead alt 3Artistically, I love this design. The textured background and the blood splatter is awesome and the detail in the arm is well done. Conceptually, I’d say it doesn’t represent the themes or plot of the movie as clearly as the other designs mentioned but it is certainly eye-catching.


Comment and let me hear what you think of these designs or suggest a movie that you would like to be picked for the next “Alternative Poster Tuesday.”


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